De Lima: Duterte should be on top of drug list

President Rodrigo Duterte should be on the top of his own drug list after admitting that he was dependent on the drug fentanyl.

This was how Senator Leila de Lima fired back on Wednesday at Duterte's latest tirade against her after she received an award in the United States.

De Lima flew to the US to accept the award from an American group, calling her one of the 100 Foreign Policy Global Thinkers recognised in Washington.

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But Duterte said the citation was a mere glorification of a politician, who is in deep trouble with the law, in apparent reference to De Lima.

Responding to this, the lady senator said, "At least I, whom he recklessly and wrongly accuses as a narco-politician, haven't taken a single addictive drug in my life, while he who runs amok and froths in the mouth like a rabid animal has the temerity to make up a list, when he should be on the top of that list."

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"Duterte should stop taking fentanyl because obviously it has already driven him to madness and to fits of paranoia where everyone he sees is either a drug addict or a drug lord. This is already all so hilarious if not for its murderous effect with the whole PNP (Philippine National Police) and vigilante squads following his command to kill, kill, kill," she further said in a statement.

De Lima then called on Duterte to "stop abusing drugs so for even one single second you can experience a lucid interval and discover how crazy this drug war witch-hunting has become."

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The President earlier admitted taking fentanyl to relieve the unbearable pain in his spine despite a warning from his doctor that he could lose his cognitive ability and that he was already "abusing the drug."

De Lima said it was "incredible" how people continue to believe Duterte's "drug-induced imaginations in who among politicians are drug lords and drug coddlers, after admitting he himself is dependent on the drug fentanyl."

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"I'm almost sure that the new list of drug lords/protectors is again laden with errors, or one which did not undergo a thorough process of verification/validation as would negate any doubt as to its veracity," she said.

Duterte had repeatedly accused De Lima of being involved in illegal drugs but the senator denied the allegation.