'Death Note' for husbands terrifyingly popular among Japanese wives

When you hear the word "Death Note", you may immediately be reminded of the popular Japanese anime/manga/live-action franchise which started in 2003. 

In it, the character Light Yagami picks up a book dropped by a shinigami, or a death god. With the book, Light can cause the death of someone just by writing his/her name in it.

The series' latest movie poster from last year.Photo: Encore Films

In a terrifying new twist, there is now a blog called Danna Shine (shi-ne) which literally translates to "hubby, die", or what some have worded as "hubby, please die".

If the name does not sound morbid enough for you, its contents do live up to its name.

According to Rocket News, the blog and its accompanying Twitter page have existed since December 2014, providing an outlet for women to vent their murderous frustration at their husbands.

To date, the website has received 1,417 "death note" messages. In each of these messages, the wives provide details on their husbands' cruelty or uselessness, ending with them sincerely wishing their deaths so that their misery can end.

Disturbed yet? There's more.

If your post gets more "likes" and "comments", they will be featured on the website's "top 10" list.

Below is an example of one of the posts, where the writer "wakes up every morning praying for her husband's death".

Photo: Danna Shine

She calls him "useless" and describes how she was "stupid for not seeing him for what he truly is" when they were dating.

The post ends with her wishing he had never been born into this world.

This next one is equally horrifying.

According to Rocket News, the wife wishes that her husband and his mistress would meet with an accident and die.

The tweet ends with her asking "why won't he just hurry up and die", followed by two lines of "die...die...die...".

Thankfully, no one has reportedly died due to the "death notes" posted on the website.

But if there is one thing that I've learnt from this, it would be the shocking number of women involved in unhappy marriages in Japan.

Sure, no relationship is perfect, but to be wishing death on your partner is another matter entirely.

So for readers who are going to get married, think long and hard about the person you are going to marry. The same goes for both men and women.

It will save you the trouble of going to this unorthodox "confessional" - definitely an unhealthy habit.