Debris found in Mozambique now in Australia

KUALA LUMPUR: The two pieces of debris found in Mozambique have arrived in Australia, where an investigation team will look for possible links to missing flight MH370, said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai (pic).

Examination of the pieces, to be carried out by an international team of experts led by Malaysia, is expected to begin today.

"The MH370 Safety Investigation Team will carry out the examination and analysis on the two pieces of debris with the assistance of experts from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA), Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Boeing to verify their origins.

"This is in order to adhere to full transparency and accountability in accordance with international protocols, whereby both pieces of debris will only be examined in Canberra once it is in the presence of these experts," Liow said in a statement here yesterday.

Liow expressed hoped that the results from the examination could be made available soon.

If the pieces are indeed from Flight MH370, these would be the second and third parts of the Boeing 777 that had been found, two years after its disappearance.

The first piece of debris was recovered from Mozambique.

The second piece, also from Mozambique, had been brought to South Africa by the family who had discovered it.

A Malaysian team, comprising the DCA, MAS and the MH370 Safety Investigation Team, later retrieved the piece from South African authorities.

Last year, a piece of MH370's flaperon was discovered washed up on the shores of French La Reunion Island.

On March 5, Liow said that a Malaysian team would comb the beaches of Mozambique in the hope of finding more aircraft fragments.