Dismembered transexual's mum forgives killer lover

Dismembered transexual's mum forgives killer lover

She has forgiven her daughter's killer.

The mother of Ms Mayang Prasetyo, the transgender Indonesian who was allegedly dismembered by her Australian husband, said he was considered part of the family.

Ms Nining Sukarni, 45, told Australian newspaper The Courier-Mail via an interpreter: "They loved each other. We already considered him as part of the family."

She said she had approved of the union between Mr Marcus Volke, 28, and her child and had given them her blessing to marry.

Said the Indonesian mother: "Marcus cooked for us. Whatever we cooked, he ate. He loved ­Indonesian food. He cooked with Mayang and I helped as well."

She described Ms Prasetyo, 27, also known as Mayang Patang and Febri Andriansyah, as "cheerful, friendly and loud" and a "good son".

"I have forgiven. I have no demands whatsoever or revengeful feeling. Because I love Marcus just like I love Maya."

Mr Volke, who was a male prostitute but told people that he was a chef, met his mother-in-law when the couple visited the family home in the small town of Lampung, Indonesia, in August last year. They married the same month in Denmark.

Ms Sukarni said there was no indication of anything sinister in the relationship when she met Mr Volke.

Said the mother: "He was kind and loving, shy and reserved. In our eyes, he was kind. I never suspected anything."

But Ms Kaisey Bloom, a friend of Ms Prasetyo's and colleague of 12 years, painted a different picture of their relationship.

Ms Bloom alleged that Mr Volke regularly bullied and humiliated his wife.

"She told me she suffered a lot of mistreatment at his hands. It wasn't just physical fights, it was the mental abuse," Ms Bloom was quoted as saying.

"She told me he would get really nasty and would often bring up her past gender disclosure and use it against her."

Ms Prasetyo's remains were found cooking inside an apartment in Brisbane, Australia, on Saturday night.

Mr Volke fled the scene when police showed up at the couple's home. His body was later found, throat slashed, in an industrial bin nearby.



This article was first published on Oct 10, 2014.
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