DNA tests show monk fathered child

THAILAND - "This test result will be used as evidence in both civil and criminal cases against him," Central Institute of Forensic Science director Dr Anek Yomchinda said yesterday.

Wirapol - then a monk - drew a lot of public attention this year after photographs showing him on a private plane, wearing sunglasses and carrying designer bags, appeared on the Internet. He fled overseas in the wake of the scandal.

Further investigation revealed that Wirapol had engaged in dubious behaviour, including the statutory rape of a minor. In his absence, senior monks decided to terminate his monkhood.

"The test results confirm the claims of the woman who says she had a sexual relationship with the former monk that he is the father of her son," Anek said yesterday. He added that traces of Wirapol's saliva left on a cigar were used for the DNA tests, which he said were 99.99 per cent accurate.

Earlier, Wirapol's brother tried to claim that he was the father of the child. "There is no need to conduct a DNA test on the brother now," Anek said.

Since there is now evidence that Wirapol had a sexual relationship with a minor, he will face the charge of statutory rape.