Dog scours buses daily for its missing master

CHINA - The mongrel has been returning to the same bus stop every day for more than two weeks.

It waits patiently for buses to arrive, boards them with other passengers and scours the seats, whimpering as it goes.

Bus drivers in the southwestern city of Chengdu, in China, said the dog, named Huang Huang, spends about 10 hours a day doing this.

By nightfall, the dog gives up and disappears into the darkness, returning the next day.

It seems to be looking for its master who had abandoned him, Mail Online reported.

According to bus staff interviewed by local paper Huaxi Metropolis Daily, the dog has been at the bus stop near the city's Guangyan temple for the past 15 days.

A ticket seller, who wanted to be known only as Mr Yang, told the Huaxi Metropolis Daily: "Every day, I go to Guangyan temple five times and every day, that dog will hop on board my bus to 'inspect it'."

"At first I thought it was looking for food, but I later realised that it was looking for its owner."

Huang Huang has become something of a local celebrity in Chengdu after a commuter used a mobile phone to film its searches then posted the clip online.

A bus employee, who wanted to be known only as Mr Fung, said he thought he had seen Huang Huang with its owner in the carpark about a month ago.

Mr Fung said he wanted to take the dog home, but felt it may be premature.

"We're worried that its owner might be looking for it and come back (for) it," he was quoted as saying.

"Such a loyal dog … Who would be willing to part with it?

"I can only hope that it'll quickly be reunited with its owner and won't have to wait at the bus stop every day," he said.

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