Driver in China runs over 2 kindergarten kids but they walk away unharmed

A shocking video showing a driver running over two toddlers outside a kindergarten in Anhui province, China, has surfaced online.

According to Shanghaiist, the driver, known as a parent with the surname Sun, was driving at the car park when one of the two children stopped in the middle of the road to tie her shoelaces.

The second child stopped to assist her.

The driver then horrifyingly drives over the two children, causing them to tumble and roll underneath the car like rag dolls before it comes to a stop.

One of the children gets up immediately while the other remains trapped under the car.

A few parents instantly rush over to help free the trapped child to safety.

Surprisingly, both children escaped without major injuries, with the exception of a few scratches caused by the accident, according to local police.

It is not known if the driver will face prosecution charges.

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