Drone competition set to promote Indonesia's tourism spots

Air, sea and land: those three words mean so much -- not just for the military, but also in capturing the best of any location, especially when it comes to tourism needs.

While pictures from land can be easily taken by anyone, sea or underwater pictures can also be taken without too much of a hassle. What is usually rare are aerial pictures.

This is why, when 'drones' become more and more easily acquired by ordinary people, lots of aerial pictures and videos can now be seen.

The term 'drones' is more commonly used nowadays, even though the more correct name would be multicopter or multi-rotor copter.

In many parts of the world, the use of drones has spread like wildfire.

But not all of them shed a light in positive ways. Some accidents, potential hazards and privacy concerns when flying drones have become the culprits.

More places and countries have banned drone flying and even the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been proposing a regulation for the use of drones and the need for pilot certification.

Knowing this, the Indonesian Drone Community, along with other brand-specific communities, joined forces and formed an association officially known as the Indonesian Drone Pilot Association (APDI).

While there are no specific rules for flying drones yet, the APDI understands and is willing to educate its members to be more responsible when flying them.

On a positive note, the APDI really knows the great benefits of drones that are equipped with cameras, especially in promoting places or locations in Indonesia, which led them to partner with gadget accessories company Gadgetciti to hold an Aerial Visual Drone Challenge.

"This event is the first of the many programs that we, the APDI and Gadgetciti, agreed upon. This competition also acts as a proof of our concern about the beauty of tourism spots in Indonesia," said Fajar as the acting chairman of the APDI.

For the competition, drone owners in Indonesia are challenged to capture the best of their locations -- or any location in Indonesia -- in pictures or videos.

They will then need to upload their photos or videos to Gadgetciti's official website. There are no rules for using specific brands only, so anyone can enter as long as the pictures and videos are taken with drones.

In the competition's finals, 10 finalists will be judged on how many votes they get from social media viewers and 10 more finalists will be judged by a jury.

All of them will then be invited to a trip to explore and capture the best aerial views on Mandeh Island in West Sumatra. The winners with the best pictures will then be rewarded with the latest drone product from DJI and Parrot.

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