Drugs found in house of alleged child abusers

The Jakarta Police's women's and children's unit II confiscated crystal methamphetamine and suction tools on Friday when searching the house of a man and woman who had allegedly abuse their children.

"We will use the crystal methamphetamine and suction tools as evidence in our investigation," criminal investigation director Sr. Comr. Heru Pranoto said as quoted by kompas.com.

The crystal meth was found in a black plastic bag in one of the rooms on the second floor of the house while the suction tools were in another room on the same floor.

Separately, women's and children's division head Adj. Sr. Comr. Didi Hayamansyan said that the owners of the house, identified only as T, 45, and N, 42, had undergone urine tests before the search. The result of the tests will be announced later.

T and N were reported to the police by the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) for allegedly locking up their four daughters, L, 10, C, 10, AL, 5, and DN, 4, and locking their son, AD, 8, out of the family home. T and N were questioned by the police on Friday.

The police are also questioning witnesses and will decide the statuses of the reported parties.

T and N may face charges under Law No. 35/2014 on child protection and domestic violence, which carries a minimum sentence of five years in prison.