Duterte offers $57k bounty per 'ninja'

PHOTO: Reuters

ZAMBOANGA CITY - President Duterte has offered a P2 million (S$57,000) reward for anyone who can give information about police officers engaged in the illegal drug trade and other criminal activities.

"P2 million per head, special price because they are police," the President told members of the regional police command here on Monday afternoon.

Mr. Duterte said policemen who were engaged in drugs, whom he called "ninja," were committing treason.

Chief Supt. Billy Beltran, police director for Western Mindanao, said it was the first time they heard the President announce the reward.

"We will ask for guidance about it. I am sure the President has particular guidance to be released soon," Beltran said.

He said about 30 ninja policemen from Camp Crame, Region 3 and Region 7 had been reassigned to Western Mindanao. Of the total, four had gone absent without leave, he said.

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