Duterte to policemen: Kill criminals if you have to, I'll protect you

PHOTO: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

DAVAO CITY - Policemen only have to perform their duties, even if it meant killing crime suspects during operations, to get his full backing, President Rodrigo Duterte has reiterated.

"That's our deal. When I said that you go and destroy the drug industry, destroying means destroying, including human life," the President said here during the turnover of 26 Montero SUV patrol cars to the Davao police on Monday.

He said policemen who encountered problems in the performance of their duties should never worry as "I will take care of you."

He said he also took care of the problems faced by policemen when he was mayor here.

"Once you have a problem in the fulfillment of duty or (if it is) duty-connected, you have no problem at all."