Eerie coincidence? Man dies a week after girlfriend, at same spot and time

Two fatal accidents in Taiwan involving a woman and her boyfriend have left investigators puzzled at the eerily similar circumstances in which the deaths occurred.

On May 27, Taiwanese media reported that a man had died after the car he was driving crashed into a lorry on a highway in the middle of the night.

The victim, Ceng Zheng Qiang, is said to be the boyfriend of a young woman who died at the same spot, exactly one week before his accident.

According to Apple Daily Taiwan, the man was pronounced dead at about 4am on May 26, which coincidentally, is also about the same time that his girlfriend died a week earlier.

A bag containing a remodelled gun and three bullets were also found in his car after his accident. A bullet hole was found in the car door.

Ceng was also in the first car a week earlier, when his girlfriend, Zheng Shan Yun, 22, was killed.

Apple Daily said that while she was alive, Zheng had told her friends via phone messaging that Ceng had threatened to kill her. She had said: "He's gone mad, he won't let me leave". She also said: "He wants to kill me," and pleaded with her friends to save her at the time.

Police told reporters that Ceng was alone in the car at the time of his death.