Eligible singles increasingly seeking love on Weibo

CHINA - After the much publicised 'Singles Day' on Nov 11 in China, many single men and women are eagerly seeking a partner to shake off singlehood.

Weibo, a popular social media website in China has become a means to look for prospective marriage partners.

Two eligible singles have used Weibo to seek love recently, each successful in gathering interest but their quests for love have also highlighted other social issues in China.

In Fuzhou, a 27-year-old female lawyer with a pretty face and modelesque figure recently posted a blog entry on Weibo, yearning to be married.

She lists attributes she's looking for in a partner: a man below 35 years old, at least 1.8m tall, with a compatible personality who lives in the same city.

Alluring photos of the lawyer posted throughout her blog has attracted a lot of attention and her blog entry received numerous replies from admiring male netizens.

She has cited her 1.76m height as a main obstacle in finding a partner. Others have observed that her other qualities such as good looks and musical talent makes her a very eligible marriage partner.

In the Chinese culture, compatible social statuses are paramount in a marriage. It is not difficult to see why some Chinese males may not feel confident in pursuing such an eligible female partner.

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Similarly, Liang Chao, an eligible bachelor based in Beijing and Shanghai, also posted an announcement on his Weibo account that he is looking for a wife, having recently broken up with his girlfriend.

In his post, he writes that he is 30-years-old, 1.88m tall, educated in England and works in the fashion industry. He has an annual income of 700,000yuan ($143,000) and is willing to provide his partner a monthly spending allowance of 10,000 yuan ($2045).

He has also posted numerous photos of himself wearing sharp-looking suits in exotic locations.

With such fine marriage prospects, the good-looking man received 70,000 comments on his blog post, many of which come from women who have been charmed.

However, he is spurned by eagle-eyed netizens who have found out that some of the photos he posted are actually doctored photos.

Side-by-side comparisons of his photos and those found in fashion magazines show that his head has been superimposed on top of western models with built physiques.

Liang has neither acknowledged or denied accusations of doctoring his photos, inviting speculations that attracting attention has been on his agenda all along.

The controversy over his doctored photos also highlights the social pressure to appear desirable on the internet, where a person puts himself on display in a social platform where people are quick to judge on appearance.

These two similar incidents show that the quest for true love never runs smooth.

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