Excess formaldehyde found in wooden furniture

CHINA - The Guangdong Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision has detected excess releases of formaldehyde in wooden furniture during a recent safety inspection.

The administration announced on Wednesday the random inspections on wooden furniture, paints and laundry detergents produced in the South China province.

Inspections were carried out on 747 batches of wooden furniture made by 502 companies from 11 cities across the province.

Among the inspected furniture, 87 batches failed to meet the standards, with five of those designed for children. Almost half of the substandard furniture, 41 batches, was detected to have an excess release of formaldehyde.

The administration advises customers to make it clear in their contract that they have the right to get new, qualified furniture from the seller if the product they have bought gives an abnormally strong smell, which indicates a possible excess release of formaldehyde.

The inspection into 212 batches of paint produced by 159 companies in 13 cities has seen 13 substandard batches. The administration pointed out two brands in the press release that their products release excess formaldehyde.

Sixteen percent of the inspected 50 batches of powder and liquid laundry detergent made by 35 companies did not pass. Most of them didn't perform strong enough in a test of cleaning ability. The substandard products included those of Japanese brand AXE made in Guangdong.