Exotic animals in Bangkok cafe - cute or cruel?

A Facebook video introducing an exotic animal cafe in Bangkok has recently garnered mixed reactions from netizens.

Fennec foxes, raccoons, owls and meerkats are some of the critters that can be found in the glass rooms in the Little Zoo Cafe, which opened in Muangthong Thani last September.

While some netizens expressed a desire to visit the cafe to play with the adorable animals, others said that confining wild creatures in a cafe setting is cruel and prone to stress them out.

The cafe is furnished in the style of a barn with a pine wood interior, white-washed walls and a high ceiling.

Bangkok Post reported that the cafe does not collect entrance fees, and guests may interact with the fluffy creatures by ordering something from the menu.

While the animals are its biggest draw, the cafe serves a wide range of brunch offerings, desserts, and beverages that start from 85baht (S$3.30).

According to Shout.sg, guests are required to sanitize their hands and remove their shoes before entering the glass rooms where the animals are kept.

Only six people are admitted at a time and they cannot disturb the animals when they are taking naps. Staff reportedly supervise customer interaction with the animals.

Photos shared on the cafe's Facebook page show patrons cuddling animals, feeding them treats and posing for photos with them.

However, concerned netizens commented that they have watched other video clips that show cafe guests disturbing tired animals. Some of them have also been spotted hiding in corners.

Animal lovers also highlighted the proliferation of illegal wildlife trade in Thailand. The cafe is an extension of the exotic pet shop Mini Zoo Cafe which claims that its animals are imported and come with identification papers, reported Coconuts Bangkok.

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