Eyewitness accounts: Thai Airways crash landing

"Before landing, the pilot announced that the plane would be parked a fair way from the terminal building because the runway was under construction. Everything was normal while landing, then there was a sudden brake.

Looking out of the window from my first-class front-row seat on the far-right, I saw two pieces of metal fly by and realised that we had had an accident.

"The plane slid off the runway into the soft ground and there was a smell of something burning. Then I heard someone scream "fire, fire".

"The pilot ordered emergency exits to be opened and released the rubber slide for passengers to flee the plane. We were all instructed to run as far away from the plane as possible.

"I suspected something was wrong with the wheels and, looking back, I saw smoke with fire engines spraying water onto the plane … I hurt my back a bit sliding down the rubber slide.

"This is the first such incident in my life. THAI later got passengers to register their names so their luggage can be delivered to them later."

-Kosit Suvinitjit, Former Media of Media executive and former Bangkok gubernatorial candidate

"My group was returning from a tour in Guangzhou on this flight and we were sitting near the emergency exits. During the flight, I joked with my friends and the air-hostess what would happen if the exit popped open in case of emergency. A friend of mine cried that she was terrified of a plane crash.

"As I talked to a steward, I heard a loud bang and then a foreigner was heard yelling "Fire! Fire!" That's when chaos broke out.

"I didn't think my joke would come true. Everything happened so fast and [we] slid out via the rubber slider [exit ramp]. I was only slightly injured from being pushed.

"This is the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me - it felt like I died and came back to life just before my 33rd birthday this month."

-Weeraparp Suparbphaiboon, Channel 7 soap-opera star