Facebook helps woman working in Singapore locate Thai son after 33 years

Wiphawadi Thisorn from Udon Thani broke down into tears when she saw her son, Parinya Thisorn, get out of a bus from Chiang Rai at the Hat Yai bus terminal. The son knelt down in front of her and the two hugged and shed the tears of joy at 9 pm Wednesday.

Wiphawadi recounted that the poverty was the main reason that prompted her to separate from Parinya's father, whose family stays in Chiang Rai's Wieng Pa Pao district.

She said she could visit her son sometimes shortly after the divorce but she later had to move around from Bangkok to Phuket to seek job so she eventually lost contact with her son.

Now, she is frequently travelling between Singapore and Hat Yai and she has a house in Hat Yai because she has a food shop in Singapore. Now that she has a more comfortable life she wants to take her son to live with her.

Wiphawadi said when she remembered her son recently, she searched his name on Facebook and it popped up. So, they arranged the meeting in Hat Yai.

Wiphawadi said she felt it was wrong for her to abandon her son.

Parinya said he was very happy to meet his mother because he thought she has died. He said he has never been angry at her for abandoning him. "Now, we will never part," he said.