Facebook post on flight attendant hushing baby during flight goes viral

A male flight attendant helped to hush a crying infant during a flight.
PHOTO: Facebook/Alanna Michelle Escudero

MANILA - "This man right here, was flying 32,000 ft 800 miles from home, and I had never seen anything more beautiful than this moment when he hushed and smiled at the baby girl in his arms."

Netizen Alanna Michelle Escudero, a children's book writer, wrote in a Facebook post after seeing how a male flight attendant hushed a crying infant during flight.

She shared the photo of the flight attendant carrying the baby and narrated her experience in a Facebook post that went viral on Monday, April 15.

Escudero said that halfway through their Zamboanga to Manila flight, she saw a mother panicking when her infant started crying that disturbed the sleeping passengers.

"You could see her trying to hush the infant, panic written all over her face and worry as she tried to calm down her baby," she said.

Other passengers offered to calm the baby down.

But it was one of the cabin crew members whom Escudero described as "an expert father" who came to the rescue because "within minutes in his arms, the baby was sleeping soundly."

Escudero was not the only one who was left in awe by the quick response of the flight attendant, who continues to reap praises online from netizens who were touched by what he did.

As of this writing, the post garnered more than 28,000 reactions and 8,000 shares on Facebook.

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