Faeces everywhere as septic tank explodes

If you think your day was bad, try getting hit by a tidal wave of poop.

An over-filled septic tank in Guangxi, China, exploded in a street full of pedestrians covering adjacent shops and people in the surrounding area with human waste.

Elite Readers reported that pedestrians were showered in excrement before they had the chance to react and take cover from the explosion. Some of the unlucky ones who were hit sought medical attention as they were afraid that the excrement contained hazardous chemicals. However, police said the contents of the truck had mainly been from local sewers and public toilets. Nobody was hurt during the incident.

A shopkeeper has reportedly shut down his business for the next few weeks to clean up the mess. An eyewitness said that the shopkeeper was "extremely furious" as "every item on display was covered in brown liquid", reported Daily Mail.

According to Daily Mail, the company that manages the collection and storage of waste blamed the incident on a technical fault with the tanker and directed compensation claims to the vehicle manufacturer.

However, the manufacturer defended itself and told Chinese media that it was the waste company's poor maintenance and lack of proper operating instructions that led to the explosion.

While the two parties involved are playing the blame game, it looks like the stench of no compensation will remain for a long time to come.