Families of Chinese MH370 passengers hope to meet Najib

XI'AN - Families of Chinese passengers of the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 are hoping for a chance to meet Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during the latter's official visit to China until June 1.

On their official Weibo account, the family representatives committee wrote on Monday: "Lately we have been making requests to see Najib via telephone calls, emails and letters to Malaysia Airlines, representatives of the Malaysian and Chinese governments.

"Haven't our requests been forwarded to the top?" the post read, in reference to a reported response from the Chinese Foreign Ministry that it was not aware of such a request.

MH370, which disappeared from radar en route to Beijing on March 8, carried mostly Chinese nationals.

After putting up at several hotels in Beijing for two months, some 400 family members returned to their homes following the closure of the family assistance centres early this month.

They continued to use their social media accounts to highlight their plight and call for the release of data and information which they believe would shed light on the whereabouts of the plane.

One of the family members, Steve Wang, said the affected families have many issues to bring up to Najib should they be given the opportunity to see him.

"Other than an explanation on the contradictory information released since the very beginning, we want to know Malaysia's commitment in the search efforts.

If one day Australia decides to halt the search, what would Malaysia do as the owner of MH370?" he asked.

On the release of the data used by British satellite firm Inmarsat to determine MH370's flight path, Wang said the Chinese family members were not given the information.

"We did not receive the file via emails, nor did we receive any SMS informing us that we could download the file from the Internet."