Family dog kills 1-year-old baby in Korea

A one-year-old baby died in hospital late Monday after being attacked by her family's pet dog.

She was bit on her neck by a 7-year-old Jindo dog in the living room of her apartment located in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province, Friday.

According to the police, the dog had been kept inside a 60-centimeter-tall fence, which was apparently too short to prevent the dog from jumping over.

The dog attacked the baby in her mother's arm when they were just entering the living room.

The mother rushed the baby to the hospital, but she was pronounced dead four days after the attack.

The baby's father, to whom the dog originally belonged, was not at home when the attack happened.

The victim's body is to be sent to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for an autopsy.

The police are investigating the exact cause of the victim's death and whether her parents took proper steps to prevent the fatal incident.