Family that refused to sell home walled in by adjacent buildings

TAIPEI, Taiwan - After refusing to sell their land to multiple buyers, a family living in Taichung discovered that their holdout was sealed into an alley with no exits by multiple new buildings.

The family of three, surnamed Pan, complained to the police that the original alley leading from the house was blocked by a newly constructed building, and that other buildings were built all around the house, leaving the family no route to escape if life-threatening incidents occurred.

Mrs. Pan suffered from a heart attack recently, but after the family called an ambulance, the paramedics failed to locate the Pan's front door, and only reached the house after climbing over the rooftops of neighbouring houses and scaling to the second-floor balcony of the Pan house. The Fengyuan Fire Department noted that this was the first time it had encountered a rescue situation without a path leading to the house; there may be no solution to future fire alarms or accidents.

The Pan family pleaded with the Taichung Government to help them with their predicament, with Mr. Pan noting that all three members of the family suffered from chronic diseases and complaining that they may die someday due to government incompetence.

The Taichung Government responded to the Pan's complaints by suggesting that, as there was indeed no pathway leading from the house, the family should either take the case to court or negotiate with the neighbours and perhaps ask for passage through the surrounding households.