Father argues with angry crowd after child pees in Shanghai subway

A video has gone viral on the Internet, showing a father getting into a fight with other commuters after letting his infant urinate on the subway.

The six-minute long video shows a father quarrelling violently with commuters who are heard voicing their anger at the parents' actions.

The video has sparked even larger waves of condemnation by netizens after it was made public, Chinasmack reported.

Nearly all the comments made on the video were in criticism of the parents' "extremely uncivilised" behaviour, Chinese media reported.

The Chinese media reported that what is more outrageous is that upon seeing the public respond negatively to their behaviour, the father can be seen in the video taking out his handphone to say: "I've gotten into trouble in the subway, hurry and bring some people over."

His actions earned him the disapproval of even his wife, who can be heard in the video saying: "If you have the guys, fight yourself. Don't call other people."

View the gallery below for the blow by blow account of the incident as recorded on the clip: