Female ghost caught on CCTV in Japan carpark? Sceptics aren't so sure

JAPAN - Was that a 'female ghost' which appeared in a carpark? That seems to be the case judging by a CCTV video overlooking the area.

The clip, which seems to be from 2013 judging by its timestamp, shows the long-haired figure appearing first at a cross-junction when a MPV goes across it.

Towards the end of the video, the 'ghost' vanished when a lorry turned past it at the junction, only for it to appear at the back of the moving lorry.

While this video may raise goosebumps among some viewers, there are also some who are sceptical about the authenticity.

Many comments accompanying the video on one website gave it a thumbs down, labelling it as one that was fabricated.

Others also cited the lorry's wide turn, before the 'ghost' was seen on its back, as a glaring reason why this video was not a real sighting.

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