Few companies aware of environmental conservation's importance

Conservation: Bottled-drinking water company Aqua Golden Mississippi’s planning director Tatang Sondana (center, right) hands over a 'teureup' tree to Gunung Putri district head Budi Lukmanul Hakim (center, left) in a tree-planting event in Gunung Putri, Bogor, West Java, on Friday.
PHOTO: The Jakarta Post

Only less than 20 per cent of some 200 companies in an industrial park in Gunung Putri district, Bogor regency, West Java, have awareness on environmental protection and conservation, a local official has said.

Gunung Putri district head Budi Lukmanul Hakim said poor waste disposal in the industrial zone had often led to conflict between the companies and local residents.

He said according to existing regulations issued by the Bogor regency administration, 40 per cent of total areas in the Gunung Putri industrial zone had to be utilized as green space. However, almost all land in the industrial zone had been developed into buildings or asphalt roads, leaving no space for water catchment areas.

"I've repeatedly talked with representatives of companies here on the importance of green spaces to provide oxygen and reduce pollution. But only a few of them have responded my calls to participate more actively in tree-planting activities," said Budi on the sidelines of a tree-planting event on a land plot owned by bottled-drinking water company PT Aqua Golden Mississippi in Citeureup, Bogor, on Friday.

Planting trees is one environment-related programme, alongside educational conservation activities and the development of biophore absorption holes and water absorption wells, the company has initiated under its corporate social responsibility scheme. Some of the programs involve schools around Gunung Putri.

"These activities are part of our ways to help conserve water and the environment," said Tatang, the company's planning director.