Filipina-American model dies from fall

Helena Belmonte.

MANILA, Philippines - A 28-year-old woman fell to her death from her unit on the 28th floor of a condominium building on Thursday in Pasig City in what the police said was a case of suicide.

According to case investigator PO3 Laurence Punzalan, Helena Belmonte, who described herself on her Facebook page as "a Filipina-American model who acts and hosts on occasion," had personal problems that might have prompted her to kill herself.

She was the daughter of Joan Lorraine Belmonte, founding creative director of One Mega Group Inc., which publishes glossy magazines such as Mega, Lifestyle Asia, Travel and Meg.

Punzalan said Helena fell from the 28th floor of the Renaissance Towers 1000 on Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, in Pasig City, at 1:30 a.m. Thursday. She landed on the roof deck at the seventh floor, he added.

According to the policeman, the information that the victim had some personal problems came from her boyfriend whom he did not identify.

Punzalan, however, refused to elaborate on what these problems were as the victim's boyfriend has yet to give an official statement to police investigators.

According to a police report, Helena, her boyfriend and a female friend had gone to a party earlier.

It added that the three of them went back to the victim's unit afterward and the boyfriend said he and their mutual friend had helped Helena, who was intoxicated, go to bed.

They then left the unit, leaving the victim by herself. When he and his female companion returned afterward, they found Helena gone and, after checking, discovered her body on the roof deck at the seventh floor.