Filipino Grab driver helps woman get to dying son in time

Most people can relate to the feeling of not getting a cab when it's needed, or perhaps what's more common these days - failing to secure a car from a ride-sharing app.

But one woman from the Philippines felt more than just tremendous relief when she managed to book a trip immediately off ride-hailing app Grab.

Anica Velarde Espinosa's young son was battling leukaemia in hospital and she was desperate to catch his final moments.

She had just reached home from the hospital when she received a call from nurses saying that her son's respiratory rate had dropped.

Luck was on her side as a kind-hearted GrabCar driver rushed her to her ailing son's side.

According to Espinosa, Grape Rufon Fernandez stepped on the gas pedal as soon as he realised that her son, Sean, was dying.

He even switched on his hazard lights to indicate that there was an emergency.

She wrote in Tagalog: "While en route, I was calling the hospital non-stop to ask if I will still be able to reach with Sean still alive.

"And if not, I requested they record a video of Sean until he takes his last breath."

Fernandez had apparently listened in on her conversation and she noticed the car picking up speed.

Hospital staff had informed Espinosa she could still catch Sean if she made it there within 45 minutes.

She got to the hospital within 32 minutes, all thanks to her driver. They had driven from Cainta to Banawe, Quezon City.

Espinosa related her experience on Facebook, asking fellow netizens to share her post in hopes of the note of gratitude reaching her driver.

She also attached a screenshot of the post-ride ratings page on her Grab app. Of course, she had given Fernandez five stars - the highest rating any Grab driver can receive from their passengers.

Her Facebook post garnered over 5,000 shares and eventually, she reunited with Fernandez at her son's funeral.

In a follow-up note acknowledging Fernandez's visit, Espinosa added: "I hope there will be more people like you."