Filipino priest charged for raping a teen girl for three years

PHOTO: Pixabay

Adding to the list of church officials who are involved in sexual abuse charges is this Filipino priest from Philadelphia.

Rev. Armand Garcia reportedly turned himself in after being charged for raping a 16-year-old girl and recording the act in Aug 2014. The victim, who's believed to be an altar girl, claimed that this went on until 2017.

If that piece of information sent chills down your spine, you're not alone.

According to ABC Philadelphia, police investigation began in 2018. The Archdiocese put Garcia on administrative leave during this period, and also said that they will fully co-operate with authorities to investigate the matter. They also released a statement condemning Garcia's actions.

Lawyer William Brennan, who represents Garcia, also confirmed that the priest is facing charges for rape, recording of a sexual act, and corruption of a minor. Garcia already posted 10 per cent of his US$250,000 (S$340,000) bail. He's also set to defend himself in court.

This is just one of the many alleged cases of sexual abuses of the church. Here's hoping that victims such as this teenager will get the justice she deserves. And that the church would stop transferring officials once cases like this come to light.