Flight attendant suspended for eating passengers' leftovers

What's a flight attendant to do if she gets hungry, 35,000 feet in the air? Anything but eat passengers' leftovers, apparently.

An Urumqi Air flight attendant has been suspended after a video showing the stewardess chowing down on passengers' in-flight meals went viral.

According to reports, the airline confirmed that it had suspended the employee for not following standard procedures, stating that the boxes of food were leftovers.

However, netizens have jumped to the flight attendant's defence, expressing their support and sympathy.

Wrote Facebook user Gabriel Seck: "When all she wanted to do was just to keep her stomach full and not waste any food..."

While on Weibo, netizens wondered why the issue was such a big deal, and that "the food was going into the bin anyway, what's wrong with taking a few bites?".

They instead attacked her colleague who shot and posted the incriminating footage online.

"The food will be thrown away once the plane lands anyway, what's the big deal if she takes a few bites? The regulation is too heartless."Photo: Weibo
"The worst is the 'evil' person who uploaded this video."Photo: Weibo
"I don't think she did anything wrong, it's the person who took the video that's deplorable!"
"The person who took the video better not have any friends in this lifetime. Despicable."
Photo: Weibo