Foreign media call out Taiwan student for abusing pet cat

TAIPEI - A college student from Taichung is being investigated on charges of violating animal protection laws after news of her allegedly abusing her cat was picked up by foreign media.

The student, surnamed Lin, faces a hefty fine and a maximum prison term of one year for stuffing her cat, Kiki, inside a small can, the Central News Agency cited prosecutors in Taichung as saying yesterday.

Lin, who studies at Providence University in the central city, recently posed in pictures posted on Facebook which showed her with her cat squeezed inside a can. She explained that Kiki was being punished for misbehaving. The pictures sparked an outrage among Facebook users who saw the pictures, and the development was first picked up by Indonesian media outlet Merdeka, said CNA, adding that the UK's Daily Mail also reported on the alleged abuse of the cat.

Taichung's animal protection authorities said they have already referred the case to prosecutors.

Lin said that her cat would often escape from ordinary cages when traveling, and she put Kiki in the can to see if the cat would behave, according to CNA.