Foreigner brutally beaten up by group of men in Thailand

A video of a Caucasian man getting beaten up by about six men in Thailand has gone viral on Facebook.

The Caucasian man was seen bleeding badly from his head, and stumbled around after the beating.

In the video uploaded on a Thai Facebook page, called Sources Clip in English, the Caucasian man was dragged, punched, kicked, and even beaten with a blunt object by the group of men.

He curled up into a foetal position and raised his arms to fend off the attacks.

Passers-by tried to hold off the assailants as the beating was too brutal.

The Caucasian sustained severe injuries, and can be seen bleeding badly from his head after the beating

After the assailants left, the Caucasian was filmed stumbling around and holding onto his head.

It is unclear what sparked the dispute.

The video has had over 70k views and 14k shares since it was published earlier this year.

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