Former White Rabbit candy firm chairman killed by stone kicked by monkey

If you grew up in Singapore, you'd probably be familiar with the White Rabbit milk candy brand which not only had a strong presence in the schoolyard, it remains a mainstay of Chinese New Year goodies.

While it is a hot favourite among children and adults alike, what's grabbed headlines in recent days about the treat isn't so much to rave about its comforting milky sweetness, which has been popular since the 1960s.

Instead, it's news that the former chairman of the Chinese company behind the candy died on Tuesday after an incident at a tourist spot in Yuntai Mountain in northern Henan province, reported the South China Morning Post.

But what's bizarre is, Mr Weng Mao, 67, who was the ex-chairman of the Shanghai food company Guan Sheng Yuan (Group) Co. Ltd., was killed after he was struck in the head by a falling rock that a monkey had kicked.

Yes, a monkey.


He was rushed to the Xiuwu County People's Hospital but later died.

Weng Mao's trip had been organised by the Shanghai Yelv Travel Agency, reported

A notice published by the park said that Weng Mao was "accidentally hit by a stone from above which was kicked down by a monkey".

The notice added that the tourist route has been closed for investigations.

The prime suspect in Mr Weng Mao's untimely death was a macaque, a second-class protected animal species in China, which lives in its natural reserve at the mountain park's Xiaozhaigou Valley, reported

CCTV News reported that there have been several reports in recent years of people being killed by falling rocks in scenic areas across China.

Last year, seven tourists were killed by massive falling rock pieces in Caidie Mountain in Guilin.