Four Indonesian teens apprehended for drawing pornographic images on walls

PHOTO: Unsplash

Police in Sukmajaya, Depok, West Java have apprehended four teenagers alleged to have vandalized walls in a housing complex in a local neighborhood with pornographic drawings.

The teens were apprehended on Thursday after they allegedly vandalized four houses at the Vila Pertiwi housing complex, Sukmajaya Police chief Adj. Sr. Cmr. Bronet said.

"The perpetrators are all underage. They, their parents and the houses' owners immediately met with each other to settle the issue among themselves," he said on Monday as reported by

The perpetrators vowed not to commit the act again, according to an agreement letter signed by them, their parents and the property owners.

"We have also urged them not to vandalize people's walls or cars. Those activities not only are useless but also disturb the people in the neighborhood," Bronet said, adding that the police would keep their eye on teenagers in the area.

There has been a growth of vandalism in Depok City this year. Walls, houses, the fence of a local health clinic, a police post and an eagle statue were all recently vandalized in Depok, with some of the graffiti depicting pornographic content or tags.

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