Fragments of human teeth found in McMuffin at Japan outlet

PHOTO: Reuters

KANAZAWA - Pieces of solid objects found in a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg sandwich in the fast-food giant’s Kanazawa-Arimatsu shop, turned out to be bits of human teeth, the local public health center has announced.

The Kanazawa public health center, which received an official report from the restaurant chain’s head office in Tokyo, said there were three pieces of broken teeth, measuring from four to eight millimeters long, found in a McMuffin served this August.

The customer noticed them as he was about to eat the sandwich.

While McDonald’s Company (Japan) Ltd. investigated both the factory in Aichi Prefecture where the muffin was baked, and the company in the United States where the sausage was processed, they could not identify the reason for the pieces getting into the food.

The company spokesperson for the Tokyo headquarters said that they will work hard to serve products that their customers can enjoy eating.

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