Frost at 1 degree Celsius: Chiang Mai catches a chill

The Nation/Asia News Network

There've been chilly mornings in Chiang Mai since the weekend, with the temperature averaging 14-20 deg C and never rising beyond 36.

At the lofty Kew Mae Pan Viewpoint on Doi Inthanon, though, the early-morning temperature last Sunday was a mere 1 deg C.

The result was a carpet of frost - the frozen dew known in the North as "mei kab". 

At the peak of the mountain it was a relatively balmy 5 deg C.

Doi Inthanon National Park chief Kritsiam Kongsri said plenty of sightseers were revelling in the experience.

PHOTO: The Nation/Asia News Network

"We're expecting a lot of campers and we hope they'll make sure their cars are in good condition, because any breakdowns could cause traffic jams," he said. 

"They should also make sure they bring warm clothing - it's been cold here for many days."