Funny Japanese ad featuring ninja viruses hits all the right notes

JAPAN - Advertisments need to communicate a very strong but succinct message about the product.

This Japanese commercial for Norton Anti-virus did just that by featuring data-erasing ninja.

Corporate suits who worship the god of thumbdrive and laptop call in a priest to protect themselves against the evils of the virus.

The data in their electronic devices are their livelihoods and they need an army of kimono-clad Japanese girls to protect themselves against data loss.

Enter the six warriors of Norton Anti-virus, who appeal not just to corporate types but to otaku fan boys, who want to protect their precious collection of manga and anime and housewives who want to continue watching their soap opera in peace.

The advertisment makes use of many easily-identifiable elements in Japanese culture, from the corporate suits to otaku boys and the kimono-clad demure girl stereotype, making it easy to understand and memorable.