German man is new Internet sensation in China for his impersonations

German man is new Internet sensation in China for his impersonations

His hilarious portrayals of a seat-hogging aunty, a nose-picking commuter and other characters typically seen on the busy Shanghai Metro have left many people in stitches.

A German expatriate, only known as 'Thomas', has poked fun at people and life in China by mimicking them in home-made videos. And now he has become an unlikely Internet sensation among Chinese netizens who were tickled pink by the entertaining video parodies that he uploaded on various social media platforms.

Rattling away in genuine Shanghainese-accented Mandarin, Thomas is appropriately attired as he plays each character to the hilt. This 'Laowai' (foreigner in Mandarin) probably has the licence to get away with it if anyone thinks such lampooning is objectionable.

A graduate of the prestigious Fudan University, Thomas is married to a Chinese woman, who apparently supports his videos on all things delicious, funny and beautiful in Germany and China.

His recent caricatures of Shanghai subway characters that commuters are likely to encounter helped boost his popularity after an earlier video on what it is like to marry a Chinese woman became an online hit.

In the earlier video, Thomas, whose Chinese name is "Ah Fu" impersonated his in-laws and wife, bringing out their personality and quirks to comic effect.

Some might accuse him of stereotyping, but he managed to strike a chord with many because of his convincing depictions of family life, expectations and behaviour in the bustling first-tier city.

For example, parents expect their married children to have their own home in the city, and also a car. And many would roar in agreement when he mimics his pampered Shanghainese wife who insists that he carries her handbag at outings and when he lists her must-have designer names and chic holiday destinations.

It leaves us wondering: Which does his wife love more? Her LV or her 'Laowai'?


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