Giant 18-kg durian in Thailand put on auction

PHOTO: The Nation/Asia News Network

BANGKOK - A durian orchard owner in Tak has put his giant 18-kilogram durian on auction.

Thanapon Chainok, 51, who has a 12-rai (2-hectare) durian orchard in Tak's Prop Phra district, said the giant remains on its branch, as it is not yet ready for harvest. But he estimated it weighs about 18 kilograms.

Thanapon said he had opened an auction for the large fruit, starting at Bt10,000 (S$411), with the latest offer reaching Bt73,000 (S$3,000).

The auction would continue until August 12, he said. He normally sells durians at his orchard for Bt85 (S$3.50) per a kilogram.

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