Giant rubber duck to float into Kaohsiung

TAIPEI - Kaohsiung yesterday officially announced that the yellow rubber duck created by Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman will arrive in the Southern Taiwan city in September.

Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu broke the news along with Hofman at a press conference yesterday, revealing that the rubber duck will be displayed on Love River, floating between Love Pier and Glory Pier.

The mayor said that she had decided to wait until the giant rubber duck's visit was confirmed before announcing the news personally to the public because of how much she valued the event.

"Even though there have been rumours of the rubber duck coming, I did not want to announce it to the public until it was confirmed," Chen said.

Kaohsiung Councilor Tsai Chin-yen said that he has been actively pushing for the rubber duck to make a stop in the city.

Tsai added that he was very happy for the people of Southern Taiwan upon hearing news of the rubber duck event.

"Artist Hofman initially had hoped that the rubber duck would bring a more light-hearted mood to harbour works," Tsai said.

"This fits in with what Kaohsiung needs, as it developed as an industrial city. Hopefully, the people of Kaohsiung can slow their pace as they pass by Love River and enjoy the rubber duck scenery."

Art professor Su Cheng-min of the Taipei Municipal University of Education commented that the duck's bright yellow colour gives off a lively mood that can lift the spirits of passers-by.

The duck will be placed in the city's commercial hub, surrounded by significant business and culture centers such as the New Bay Area, the Kaohsiung Exhibition and Convention Center, the Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center as well as the Kaohsiung Public Library.