Girl bullied over shoes, video goes viral

PHOTO: Pixabay

A video of a 12-year-old student being bullied over her shoes went viral on social media on Tuesday.

The student of SD 1 state elementary school in Cibodas, West Java, identified as Nabila, looked sad and angry when classmates verbally attacked her over her shoes.

The-30 second footage only showed Nabila, in her school uniform, confronting three fellow students who said that her shoes must have been bought using her parents' money, just like the case of many kids. Nabila retorted by saying that she had worked hard as a trash picker to earn money to buy the shoes.

"Both my parents left me when I was little, not like the rest of you," she said emotionally in Sundanese. The three girls seemed to ignore her words and continued to giggle.

The video caught netizens' attention, and many of them pledged to give money to the girl. "If any of you know the girl's address, please inform me 'cause my friends and I intend to finance her," twitter user @bambangelf said.

Another twitter user named Ahmad Suhendar said he had located and visited the girl's home and witnessed how she lived with her frail grandparents.

"It is true that Nabila is an orphan and works as a scavenger [to make a living]. She now lives with her elderly and sick grandparents," he said on his twitter account.

Ahmad then initiated fund-raising through the platform, on which more than Rp 55 million (S$5,268) was collected in less than 24 hours.

Nabila's teacher, who asked for anonymity, said the incident happened on Saturday at about 1 p.m., or outside of school hours. The teacher said Nabila had felt upset as her schoolmates had unintentionally stepped on her shoes.