Girl spanked 300 times

A 15-YEAR-OLD Taiwanese girl who joined a "Spank Club" via Facebook was spanked some 300 times by a man, reported China Press.

After joining last July, the girl was contacted by a 31-year-old man, who claimed to be an important member of the club.

It was reported that the girl, who had claimed that she was 16 - the age of consent in Taiwan - agreed to meet the man at his house on July 21.

At the house, the girl stripped off her pants and underwear before draping herself over the man in a chair. He then spanked her until her bottom was bruised and swollen.

However, she was found out after her father noticed that she was sitting in an awkward manner in school and questioned her about it.

When she told him about the incident, he took her to the hospital for a check-up and threatened to sue the man.

The matter was later settled out of court because the girl had admitted to lying about her age. The Taipei public prosecutor's office had said that it did not have any evidence to charge the man.