Girl's head stuck between window bars

Girl's head stuck between window bars

FUJIAN, CHINA - A 5-year-old girl was rescued after dangling precariously outside her home when her head got stuck between window bars on Nov 3.

She was home alone, in a unit on the 4th floor. Her grandmother had stepped out of the house after locking the girl in her room. The wandering girl later found herself trapped in the window grills.

Neighbours promptly went to her rescue after discovering the child who was at risk of suffocating to death. They removed the window's rain guard and propped the girl's buttocks with a loose window pane.

Then, a brave young man quickly climbed to the window grills of the 3rd floor unit to help the frightened girl by propping her up with one arm while holding onto the grills for support.

After supporting the girl for close to 20 minutes, his strength started to give out. The man then used his head to hold her up, making enough time for other neighbours to break into the locked unit to pull the girl up to safety.

The recurring cases of wandering children getting into accidents and falling to their deaths after being left alone at home raises concern about inadequate adult supervision and safety measures in the home.

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