Goat-like creature with face resembling human causes stir on social media

A creature that cannot be described as anything less than bizarre has caught the attention of netizens.

On Aug 17, Facebook user Samiraa Aissa uploaded three photos and a video showing a goat-like animal with a face that resembles a human being.

Instead of a snout like what most goats have, the creature's nose is bent inwards. Its lips were facing upwards, which is something that goats and most other animals are not known for.

The creature is dark brown and does not look to have any hair.

In the video, two individuals can be seen holding on to the animal as it continuously stuck its tongue out.

The netizen wrote:

"A strange creature has been discovered in India. The animal, whose shape resembles that of a human being, terrified a whole village."

The video of the unusual animal has since garnered more than 37,000,000 views.