Going naked good for kids, says 'wolf dad'

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CHENGDU - A 15-month-old boy has become an online celebrity after media reports showed him having fun naked all over the streets of Chengdu, in China's Sichuan province.

The boy, nicknamed Laji'er, has not worn any clothes since he was six months old and his 41-year-old father proudly claims it is a good way to raise strong and healthy children, according to the West China Metropolis Daily.

The man said Laji'er caught the flu just once in the past year thanks to his "wolf dad" parenting method, which includes washing the boy twice a day and letting him run around naked.

The man added that he will not let the boy wear clothes until the child is 21/2 years old, believing naked children under that age are by no means uncivilised.

Liu Yu, a paediatrician in Chengdu, suggested that constant temperatures are good for the development of organs, especially for children under the age of three, and that being exposed to cold weather too often can harm a child's physical development.

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