Grab explores opportunities in helicopter service

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The aerial transportation business might welcome a new member to its exclusive club as regional ride-hailing application firm Grab is eyeing helicopter services, targeting potential executive users living Jakarta and its surrounding cities.

The company is exploring the sector for the right business strategy, said Grab Indonesia marketing director Mediko Azwar.

"We see that there is a demand in this sector. We are trying to adjust the supply and demand first. This is our way of answering customer's interests," he said, adding that helicopter services were already part of Grab's business plan.

The business may also expand to mining areas, which are in need of such services, Mediko added.

On Saturday, Grab invited its potential customers and partners to experience a helicopter ride in Jakarta.

Working with a flight operator owned by Lippo Group, the company provided a 15-minute helicopter experience, which was also part of the company fifth anniversary celebration.

Should it launch a helicopter service, Grab would make sure to provide only the best by cooperating with only trusted licensed flight operators, said Grab managing director Ridzki Kramadibrata.