Graduates in Taiwan fear English tests for interviews most

Fresh graduates are more troubled by English tests than any other aspect of interview exams, the Ministry of Labor's ejob website said yesterday.

Due to the upcoming peak season for fresh graduates to hunt for jobs, the ejob website conducted a survey of fresh graduates concerning the challenges that they might face during interviews.

According to the ejob survey, about 37.7 per cent of fresh graduates are most worried about English tests while 21.2 per cent of them are troubled by being asked to introduce themselves during interviews.

The website said that in this era of globalisation, English-language comprehension has become one of the required abilities for many corporations when they hire new employees.

According to ejob, about 30 per cent of Taiwan's 1,000 major corporations use the results of the English tests as a reference when hiring new employees and there are also other companies that demand interviewees to provide English proficiency test results or to write English resumes or cover letters.

According to ejob, some companies also use English tests or interviews to ensure that the interviewees' language abilities match the requirements of the jobs.

The Taiwan Railway Administration listed English and Japanese proficiency test results as one of the requirements for the first time when hiring train service personnel recently, and other industries are following suit.

Most corporations do not demand that their staff have the ability to speak extremely fluent English, ejob said, but they want to have employees who can communicate in English.

Ejob suggested that if fresh graduates notice the jobs that they apply for require English ability, they can practice delivering English introductions of themselves in advance to avoid failure during their interviews.

Ejob said that fresh graduates should pay attention to the attitudes that they present themselves with since most corporations emphasise basic protocols of the interviewees. Therefore, interviewees should answer all the interview questions politely and not interrupt the interviewers when they talk because these details are usually the major factors that contribute to whether or not the interviewees will be hired.