Graft body to block Thai officials' alleged land grab

Document issuance of land,Kirimaya Resort reportedly bought from a state agency overlapped 1,052 rai of the Lam Takhong area and 644 rai of agricultural land-reform areas.

The centre for National Anti-Corruption (CNAC) will propose the cancellation of land distribution in Nakhon Ratchasima's Lam Takhong settlement area after a group of civil servants reportedly applied for land there.

The centre also plans an intensive examination of land-rights documents for this province's Khao Yai area.

An informed source at the CNAC yesterday said the proposal to cancel distribution of remaining Lam Takhong land plots would be tabled at tomorrow's meeting of 22 agencies from eight ministries related to the issue of forestland encroachment.

The aim is to prevent people from abusing land documents for purposes other than what was allowed or for further land grabbing, the source said. The cancellation would also prevent state officials and business-people from getting the land. Only farmers affected by construction of the Lam Takhong Dam were entitled to the land-distribution scheme.

At the meeting, Justice Minister General Paiboon Khumchaya and Natural Resource and Environment Minister General Dapong Rattanasuwan are expected to instruct all agencies to set out clear land boundaries, the source said.

The working committee will suggest that all agencies work together on the Khao Yai land-encroachment cases and find out how the land-rights documents were obtained. They will focus on those lands allocated and resold to others as well as those used in building housing estates or condominiums, the source said.

Regarding land-rights documents for 1,696 rai (271.3 hectares) of land in Pak Chong district that Kirimaya Resort reportedly bought from a state agency, a working team initially found that the document issuance overlapped 1,052 rai of the Lam Takhong area and 644 rai of agricultural land-reform areas.

The details of the case are still under investigation, the source added.

In another case where a senior policeman allegedly encroached on an Army training centre's land in Pak Chong, it was deemed the policeman had no intention on encroaching and will return the land to the Army.