Gruesome murders highlight vulnerability of elderly in Delhi

"They were very nice and humble people. We never thought they would die in such a horrific way. We will miss him," said the friends of 86-year-old Manohar Lal Madan who was murdered along with his wife at his house in south Delhi's East of Kailash on Friday.

Every morning between 9 and 11 Madan used to sit in a park in East Of Kailash with his 15 friends aged between 60 and 80 where they used to discuss news or their day-to-day activities.

"Everyday in the park we discuss some new topics. We get so absorbed in our discussions that often we lose track of time," said 72-year-old Subhash Diwan,a friend of Madan.

He said the couple never said an unkind word about anyone and helped everyone. Even yesterday morning, they had come to the park and had a long discussion about politics in the country with their friends.

Madan's oldest friend, Belaram, was shocked about the incident. "My friendship with Madan goes back 15 years. We used to share our experiences with each other. On Thursday evening we were sitting together and talking about some issues. The couple looked so happy when I saw them yesterday," said Belaram.

Like every morning, today too all of Madan's friends were waiting to meet him in the park when they heard the news of the gruesome murders.

"When we heard about the murders, we were shocked and ran towrds theit house," said Yashpal, another friend of Madan.

As Madan was a retired bank manager, his friends sought his advice on money matters. "He was a very cooperative person.As he was a retired bank manager he used to give suggestions on monetary issues," said one of his friends.

The murder of the two senior citizens has once again highlighted how vulnerable the elderly are in the Capital. "For elderly people Capital is becoming a tough place to live in. We are being ignored by the authorities. If anyone attacks us, how can we defend ourselves. We have become soft targets," said a 78-year-old man.