High-rise shoot-out in HK

HURT: Mr Lee Tak-yan being taken to the hospital in critical condition after turning the gun on himself. He was suspected of being involved in the fatal shooting of an air conditioning technician the night before.

HONG KONG - A stand-off between Hong Kong police and a murder suspect ended yesterday when the gunman shot himself.

The jobless man, who has a criminal record, was found dead after exchanging fire with police at a high-rise residential block yesterday, reported AFP.

The shooter, Mr Lee Tak-yan, 51, had shot Mr Liu Kai-chung, 43, at 11.20pm on Saturday, reported the South China Morning Post.

A source told the newspaper that security camera footage showed the gunman taking the lift with Mr Liu and other residents.

Mr Liu, an air conditioning technician, got out on the 21st storey and Mr Lee followed. Residents called the police after hearing gunshots.

Police said an initial examination showed two shots hit Mr Liu in the chest and one in his back.

Three 7.62mm-calibre empty cartridges were found at the scene.

Mr Lee was believed to have taken the staircase back to his 10th storey home as the CCTV footage did not show him taking the lift after the initial shooting.

The 10th storey was cordoned off around 11am yesterday when Mr Lee was seen clambering onto a window ledge and pointing a gun at his own head, as about 100 officers wearing bulletproof vests surrounded the building.


He then went back inside the building, prompting the police to cordon off the floor and order residents on that level to stay indoors.

Mr Lee is said to have fired two shots at the police, who returned fire. No one was hurt in the gunfire exchange.

Smoke and sparks were seen coming from the property and journalists at the scene were told to take cover following the rapid-fire gunshots.

Television news showed armed police tactical unit officers, in riot gear, arriving in the Choi Hung district yesterday morning.

Two special duties officers were lowered by ropes down the exterior of the block to the floor with the suspect's flat.

When they broke into the flat, they found Mr Lee lying unconscious.

He was rushed to a waiting ambulance at 12.35pm with what police said were gunshot wounds, but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at the hospital.

Police Superintendent Chau Hin-hung said: "We believe he committed suicide, presumably with his own gun."

This article was first published on June 2, 2014.
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