HK electronics fair to attract 20,000 buyers

A visitor tries out a wearable smart device at the Global Sources sourcing fair in Hong Kong. The SAR is expected to see further development of the mobile electronics industry as a shipping and exhibition centre in Asia.

More than 1,500 mobile electronics manufactures from the mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea will display their products at an exhibition in Hong Kong that is expected to attract up to 20,000 buyers from overseas, according to Global Sources, a facilitator of trade with the mainland.

Spenser Au, chief executive of Global Sources, said the company will launch its first mobile electronics fair at Asia World-Expo on Saturday. The four-day sourcing fair has more than 1,500 booths for smartphones, tablets, wireless products, wearable products and smartphone accessories.

According to Au, some 20,000 buyers worldwide have registered for the exhibition so far, including big names like Belkin, Casio, Foxconn, Hisense, Microsoft and Monster Products.

"We've chosen Hong Kong to launch the fair because mainland electronics manufacturers are used to shipping their products to Hong Kong before exporting them to overseas," Au said, adding that Hong Kong is Asia's exhibition centre and it's convenient for buyers from all over the world to come here.

He said the most popular products on display are expected to be smartphone accessories, and there are more than 300 exhibition booths for accessories in view of the growing demand for mobile electronics products.

Au predicted that mobile-phone sales will reach 1.9 billion units this year, of which sales of smartphones will account for 66 per cent. By 2018, the proportion is expected to rise to 88 per cent. He also noted that in the first half of 2014, sales of wearable bands went up by 6.8 times from a year ago to 6 million units and the market for wearable products will reach $8 billion by 2018.

Billy Lee Jian, sales director of Guangdong Appscomm Co Ltd, told China Daily that his company produces wearable products and have rented a booth at the souring fair.

Among other products, the Shenzhen-based company will exhibit a wristband that can monitor people's condition while exercising and in their sleep.

"We've been producing smart wearable products for years and it's the first time we're taking part in this sourcing fair," said Lee. "Hopefully, we can meet some professional buyers to boost our sales." Most of Guangdong Appscomm's products are exported to the US and European countries. It is expected to sell between 800,000 and 1 million wearable products this year, said Lee.

Another participant is Shenzhen Brosfuture Electronics Technology Co Ltd, which will show off its smart watch that can make phone calls, and receive emails and text messages.

"We've participated in several exhibitions organised by Global Sources since 2011, but this is a more specialised sourcing fair, for mobile electronics only. So, we look forward to meeting more professional buyers from this sector," Chris Lee, deputy general manager of Brosfuture Electronics Technology, told China Daily.

The smart watch is expected to sell for $30 each to overseas companies, while the retail price is between $90 and $100.

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